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What Does a Daddy Makeover Entail?

You’ve heard of mommy makeovers — custom treatment plans aimed at helping moms restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. But what about daddy makeovers? 

True, dads don’t spend nine months carrying around excess baby weight. But age (and a few bad habits) can still result in a less-than-appealing body, along with a lowered sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

That’s when it’s time to consider a daddy makeover (or daddy do-over, as it’s sometimes called). At Vida Bela Plastic Surgery, Chelsea Snider, MD, is skilled at helping men restore their tighter, more youthful, more toned physique using a variety of state-of-the-art techniques developed just for guys. Here’s how she can help you.

The rise of the “dad bod”

The internet has given rise to all sorts of catchphrases and memes, including the now-popular term, “dad bod” — a softer, less toned, generally-overweight man who’s either in middle-age or rapidly approaching it.

Although the term is new, the phenomenon is not: The male body is just as vulnerable to age-related changes as the female body, but until recently, guys were left to deal with those changes on their own — along with the decreased self-confidence that usually goes hand-in-hand with “dad bod.”

One reason it took so long for daddy do-overs to become a thing: Historically, men have been less likely to have cosmetic procedures compared to women. But over the past decade, all that’s changed, and today, more men than ever before are having plastic surgery to correct all sorts of aesthetic concerns.

Daddy makeovers can be an ideal solution for men who’ve lost a lot of weight or tried to lose weight, but still have pockets of resistant fat. They’re also ideal for men with specific areas they’d like to “remodel,” like the belly, love handles, or chest. 

Here’s what’s included in a daddy makeover

One of the best aspects of a daddy do-over is that, like a mommy makeover, it’s completely customizable based on your needs and goals. Probably not surprisingly, liposuction and gynecomastia surgery often top the list for male makeovers, primarily because the chest, belly, and waist are among the most problematic areas for men — especially as they get older.

Dr. Snider uses advanced liposuction techniques to contour your body, eliminating puffy, jiggly areas of fat for contours that are sleeker and more well-defined. Combine liposuction with a tummy tuck to get rid of extra skin left behind after significant weight loss. 

For men with excess breast tissue, gynecomastia surgery uses very small scars to access excess tissue and remove it, so your chest looks more toned and masculine. Many men find gynecomastia surgery to be life-changing, finally giving them the confidence they need to doff their shirt at the beach, the pool — anywhere.

Fixes for facial aging

And of course, Dr. Snider also offers an array of cosmetic procedures to correct facial aging, including treatments to sagging jowls or double chins. 

Among the most popular facial fixes for men include:

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, which can remedy fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the eyelids, under the eye bags, and drooping lower eyelids. 

Neck lift, which improves signs of sagging skin in the jawline and neck.

Facelift, to which can involve removing excess skin, smoothing out folds or wrinkles.

Dr. Snider works with you to define your own unique trouble spots and develop a treatment plan that can help you look great and feel more confident.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a gift to yourself

Moms work hard, and so do dads. Celebrate yourself this Father’s Day by scheduling a consultation to learn more about the benefits of daddy makeovers at our Frisco, Texas, practice. To schedule your visit, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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