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Your eyes are often the first facial feature people notice, and they’re also the feature that tends to have the greatest impact on how people perceive you. If your eyes are hampered by a droopy or pendulous brow, you could wind up looking tired, worn out, or even annoyed — not exactly the impressions most people want to make.

Like the rest of the face, the brow area tends to sag with age, partly due to the effects of gravity, but also due to age-related changes in your skin tone and even your genetics. Fortunately, having a brow lift is a great way to combat the effects of a drooping brow and restore a more youthful, more energized appearance.

Chelsea Snider, MD, offers two primary approaches to eyebrow lifts for patients at Vida Bela Plastic Surgery: surgical and nonsurgical. Here’s how a brow lift works and how Dr. Snider can use a brow lift to rejuvenate your entire face.

Eyebrow lift basics

The overarching goal of an eyebrow lift is simple: lift the brow area to a more youthful (but still natural) position, so your eyes look more alert. That said, there are some significant differences between surgical and nonsurgical approaches.

Brow lift surgery

Sometimes called a forehead lift, brow lift surgery uses incisions to access the muscles and other supportive tissues in your forehead. Dr. Snider repositions the tissues so your brow appears more elevated while retaining an attractive arch.

By repositioning the forehead tissue, a surgical brow lift does “double duty” by smoothing out forehead wrinkles, too. The result: a rejuvenated brow and forehead area that takes years off your appearance.

For even greater effect, Dr. Snider often performs brow lift surgery with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) to restore the entire eye area.


Not ready for eyelid lift surgery? Then Botox injections could be a good choice. Most people think of Botox as a super-effective treatment for smoothing out dynamic wrinkles and lines. But this popular injectable can also be used to gently lift your eyebrows.

Botox works by preventing muscles from contracting. In a nonsurgical brow lift, Dr. Snider administers Botox to the muscles that draw your eyebrows down, relaxing those muscles while leaving the elevator muscles unaffected. As a result, your brow is drawn upward into a more arched, alert position. The main drawback: The effects of Botox injections only last a few months — but you can have the treatment repeated to maintain the effect.

Tap into the benefits of a brow lift

A brow lift may focus solely on the area above your eyes, but by elevating drooping brows, you can help your whole face look younger and rejuvenated. To learn more about brow lift options for patients in Plano and Frisco, Texas, call 469-598-2400 or book an appointment online at Vida Bela Plastic Surgery today.

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