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Breast Implant Size

Breast implants are often referred to by their total volume or millileters, but did you know there is much more to the “size” of the implant than the total volume? In addition to volume, implants vary in their filling – silicone or saline, outer texture – smooth or textured, and shape – anatomic or round. At Vida Bela Plastic Surgery serving Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas, Dr. Snider helps their patients understand the appropriate breast implant options for their breast augmentation. Here we discuss choosing the right projection and diameter for smooth round implants.

Breast Implant Width and Projection

Whether you are interested in a breast augmentation alone or a breast augmentation with a lift, the breast implant you and your plastic surgeon choose is so important to ensure beautiful results. Smooth, round implants have two important dementions – the width of the implant, or the diameter, and the projection of the implant. When choosing an implant the appropriate implant width for your body is determined by your plastic surgeon. We measure the width of your chest wall and also the amount of breast tissue you have to determine what implant width is most appropriate for you. Projection is then decided based off your tissue compliance and your goals. This is where we have the leeway to choose an implant that is both appropriate for your body and also adjust to reach your goals.

How do we achieve your goals?

How do we make sure we achieve your goals? There are several ways to make sure we choose an implant that both fits your body and also helps achieve the results and aesthetic you are hoping for. Virtual imaging, goal photos and implant “try ons” are all great ways to help patients choose the size implant best for them. our Drs. use a combination of these modalities to best ensure our patients are confident in the implant size they choose.

The final implant size is ultimately decided by both the patient and the surgeon and individualized to each patient’s goals and anatomy. Patients are able to be in control of their breast augmentation results through their breast implant size selection among other decisions discussed at our surgical consultations. This is just one way collaborate with patients to achieve personalized, natural postoperative results. To learn more, call 469-598-2400 or book an appointment online today.

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