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When it comes to the cosmetic effects of aging, a droopy, sagging butt is, unfortunately, a common side effect for both women and men. What’s more, it can affect all of us, regardless of our weight or fitness level.

It’s true, no amount of leg lifts or squats will restore your sagging bottom to its former youthful glory. But there is some good news: A butt lift can help.

At Vida Bela Plastic Surgery, Chelsea Snider, MD, uses a combination of techniques to gently lift, sculpt, and firm-up sagging, droopy bottoms, helping women and men in Plano and Frisco, Texas, look firmer, younger, and sexier. Here’s how a butt lift can restore your youthful contours — and your self-confidence, too.

Why your butt is sagging

Your bottom is subjected to the same aging issues as the rest of your body, with a few subtle differences.


Your butt owes most of its shape and definition to the large gluteal muscles. As you get older, you lose muscle mass everywhere — your butt included.

To some degree, you can fight back with exercise. But over time, no amount of squats can restore that lifted butt of your youth.

A butt lift repositions the underlying tissues, restoring the pert projection of a youthful derriere. Combined with liposuction to eliminate excess fat, a lift redefines the contours of your bottom and gently elevates it.


We all tend to gain fat as we get older. For women, that fat tends to gather in the midsection — your tummy and butt.

Extra fat hides muscle definition, making your butt look extra flabby. Plus, it weighs on your skin and muscles — literally — causing your butt to droop and sag even faster.


Most of us are all too familiar with the effect aging has on our skin, especially in terms of the facial wrinkles and sagging we see every day in the mirror. Those same changes are happening to the skin in other parts of your body — including your bottom.

As you get older, your skin produces less collagen and elastin, two proteins that help skin stay firm and resilient. Over the years, gravity kicks in, dragging skin (and underlying muscle) lower, creating unattractive sagging and wrinkling.


All three of the previous factors — fat distribution, muscle loss, and skin laxity — combine to make cellulite a lot more visible, too. Cellulite is fat that’s trapped just below the skin’s surface, held in place by connective tissue bands that support your skin.

Unlike fat in, say, your belly, you can’t get rid of cellulite with diet and exercise. A butt lift smooths the dimply, “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite by tightening your skin and removing fat with liposuction, so your butt looks smoother and younger, too.

A buttock lift for youthful contours

Every year, thousands of people turn to butt lift surgery to restore the “perkier” profiles they enjoyed when they were younger. The key to getting the best results: Make sure your surgeon has plenty of experience in fine-tuning your surgery based on your anatomy, your aging issues, and your treatment goals.

A top-rated cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Snider uses advanced surgical techniques to lift and sculpt the buttocks, improving its contours, its firmness, and its overall appearance. Her butt lift approach typically entails three targets:

  • Liposculpting to remove extra fat and redefine your contours
  • Repositioning underlying tissues for better projection and lift
  • Skin tightening to smooth out cellulite and eliminate sagging skin

Every butt lift procedure is carefully mapped out to ensure you get the results you’re looking for based on your anatomy, your personal goals, and other factors.

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