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Plastic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular. The most common procedures requested by men are eyelid surgery, neck lift, facelift, male breast reduction (gynecomastia), liposuction, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and ear surgery. Whether it is one specific area of concern or a few, Dr. Snider can rejuvenate and restore any area of your face and body so that you look the age you feel again.














The male facelift can be a very successful and rewarding procedure, but there are extra precautions that need to be taken into consideration in the male facelift compared to the female. The male face has a richer blood supply due to the bearded skin, which increases the risk for hematoma, and the scars in a male facelift can be more difficult to hide since men do not wear makeup and have different patterns of hair growth. The fatty area beneath the chin and the neck muscles is often thicker and requires special attention. It is important to not overcorrect the male facelift, as this can feminize the face and lead to an unnatural appearance. Dr. Snider is meticulous in designing and sculpting your ideal facelift for the most natural and masculine result. Her goal is to reset the clock so that you can continue to age gracefully.



Neck Lift

The male neck lift is an excellent procedure and can help you regain a more youthful and masculine appearance. Unwanted excess fat and skin will be removed and tighten in order to define the jaw line, the angle between the neck and jaw, and the contours of the neck. A neck lift can be performed at any age and often in conjunction with a facelift for best results. Dr. Snider will create an individualized approach for your ideal neck lift so that your scars are hidden and you look naturally more youthful and masculine.

Eyelid Surgery

Dark circles, puffiness, and sagging eyelids can cause you to look tired and worn out, sometimes even angry or irritated. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can restore your alert appearance and give you a refreshed and energized look. Dr. Snider will create incisions that are hidden in the natural crease lines, and is meticulous about maintaining your natural appearance while giving you the chance to age more gracefully.




A nose job, or rhinoplasty, aims to restore proper anatomic structural alignment of the nose by sculpting the bone and cartilage components to obtain smooth and balanced results, while preserving your identity and facilitating improved breathing. Dr. Snider’s specialized training in craniofacial surgery provides her with the ability to provide improved aesthetic and functional outcomes, achieving elegant and lasting results.


Rhinophyma is a benign skin deformity of the nose that is characterized by a large, bulbous, reddish nose. It is the end stage of Rosacea, and often seen in men. The skin becomes thickened with sebaceous (oil) glands that continue to grow larger with time. Dr. Snider uses a precise sculpting technique to remove the extra glandular tissue and restore your nose to its original contour and function.




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