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Plastic and reconstructive surgery throughout the male body is aimed at restoration of your youthful masculine appearance and removing unwanted excess fat, skin or age-related lesions such as moles, age spots, cysts, or benign fatty tumors. Procedures such as gynecomastia reduction, liposuction, and cyst removal can be extremely rewarding and may help change your confidence for a lifetime. Dr. Snider treats all areas of the male body and will customize a safe and effective plan to restore your body’s balance and achieve your ideal masculine contour.














Gynecomastia surgery is indicated for men with persistent breast enlargement, typically from hormone changes or an increase in body fat. Gynecomastia is a normal and natural event of puberty in which there is a significant increase in masculinizing hormones that stimulate the breast gland to grow. Normally, it resolves within a couple years from puberty. However, if persistent, interpersonal relationships and social development can be affected. Gynecomastia can impact older men as well due to hormone and weight changes with age. Dr. Snider understands that this topic can be difficult for some men, but correction of gynecomastia can also be life altering. Dr. Snider uses a minimally invasive technique to limit the surgical scar and provide you with restoration of your masculine chest shape.




Liposuction was developed in the 1980’s and has become very popular and effective in reshaping the abdomen, back, waist, arms, and thighs. Dr. Snider offers comprehensive liposculpting techniques to contour your body into the shape you desire, getting rid of those stubborn areas that linger despite healthy eating and exercise.

Mole & Skin Cancer Removal

Moles, or nevi, are very common, come in all shapes and sizes, and are often hereditary. Sun exposure can perpetuate mole and age spot formation. Your moles should be monitored for changes that may be related to skin cancer. These changes include rapid growth, color and border irregularities, bleeding, scabbing, or itching. Dr. Snider is trained for removal of any suspicious or unwanted moles, spots, skin tags, or birthmarks. She uses a minimally invasive technique to ensure the most inconspicuous scar achievable.



Scar Revision

Scars are the result of injury to the body such as a laceration, abrasion, burn, or surgical incision. The body heals the area by laying down rows of collagen fibers to create a scar. The initial scar looks very different from the final scar because the body takes time to organize and mature the collagen that it lays down. It takes on average 6-12 months to see the final result of a scar. Dr. Snider is extremely meticulous and detailed, and uses the most advance techniques to protect and preserve the tissue in a way that allows less scar formation. Thick, wide, and dark scars require special attention and may require specific techniques. A keloid is a type of thick, rope-like scar that results from the body creating too much collagen during the healing process. The collagen becomes disorganized and the scar grows and appears worse (not better) with time. Dr. Snider uses a multi-modal approach to prevent and correct the toughest of scars.


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