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Your face differentiates you from everyone else. It provides identity and interaction with the outside world. It is the most important part of the body with regards to expressing ourselves and building interpersonal relationships. It gives us a sense of self and sets us apart. Dr. Snider will provide her expertise so you can embrace your beautiful face; your identity that is unique to only you. Dr. Snider performs various procedures to restore and enhance your facial features and are aimed toward improving skin laxity, volume loss, wrinkles, facial balance, and overall natural elegance.














A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to reposition the facial structures that have been affected by gravity and age. Dr. Snider uses meticulous technique to remove excess skin and fat, and to re-suspend the deep facial structures into their proper anatomic position. She focuses on natural results so that your face is rejuvenated without a ‘wind-blown’ or ‘surgery’ appearance. The lasting effects of a facelift will allow you to age more gracefully in the years to come.



Neck Lift

Similar to the face, the neck can show significant signs of aging, including loose skin, excess fat deposits, less defined jaw line, and platysmal banding (vertical strips beneath the neck skin). Dr. Snider uses an individualized approach to treat your aging neck, addressing both the superficial and deep structures to restore your youthful appearance, resetting the clock so that you can age more gracefully.


The face can be affected by genetic factors and weight gain. Often unwanted facial fat deposits appear along the jaw line, neck, and under the chin. Through an outpatient procedure called liposculpture, Dr. Snider will create an individualized plan to sculpt your face and neck, leaving you with a defined profile and neckline.



Male Facelift & Necklift

The male facelift and neck lift is becoming a popular procedure for men in their 40s and older. Despite a healthy, active lifestyle, the appearance of your aging face often does not reflect how you feel inside. Many male patients report sagging neck skin, loss of jaw line definition, and deep creases in the lower eyelids as their biggest concerns. Dr. Snider will provide you with an individualized plan of care to restore your face to its more youthful appearance, while maintaining your masculinity and allowing you to age more gracefully.

Nonsurgical Procedures

Minimally invasive nonsurgical facial rejuvenation can be performed with the use of Botox, superficial and deep fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, and lasers. The goal is to inhibit wrinkle formation, restore youthful volume, and improve the overall skin quality of your face. Dr. Snider uses an individualized approach to provide you with the look you are seeking.



Chin Augmentation or Reduction

The chin may be large or small in comparison to other facial proportions. A mentoplasty or genioplasty can be performed to either enhance or reduce the chin point. Often, the chin position can have an impact on the perceived nose position. A genioplasty at the time of rhinoplasty may be performed to rebalance the face and provide a more harmonious appearance overall. Jaw (orthognathic) surgery can also be performed to realign your teeth and occlusion at the same time as repositioning the chin.

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