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The nose is the center of your face and is the main passage for breathing. It carries the ethnicity and individuality of a person. It is an intricately complex tripod structure with skin, cartilage, bone, and mucosa, all dependent on each other for perfect balance. Its respiratory function and its elaborate pyramidal architecture must be respected. The nose may be affected by congenital defects, trauma, or tumors, and minimal defects can lead to drastic consequences if not properly addressed. Dr. Snider treats all types of nasal problems and uses the most advanced techniques to shape and sculpt your nose, whether it is for dorsal hump reduction, improved nasal balance, increased breathing, or cancer reconstruction. Aesthetic and functional results, and preservation of your individual characteristic appearance, are of upmost importance to Dr. Snider.














A nose job, or rhinoplasty, seeks to restore proper anatomic structural alignment of the nose by sculpting the bone and cartilage to obtain smooth and harmonious results, while preserving your ethnic identity and facilitating improved breathing. Dr. Snider’s specialized training in craniofacial surgery provides her with the ability to provide improved aesthetic and functional outcomes, achieving elegant and lasting results.




The nasal septum is the wall that divides your inner nose into two sides with two nostrils. If you have a deviated, or crooked, septum, it can impair your breathing. Dr. Snider will realign and straighten the cartilage and bone of the septum to open the airway and improve your nasal breathing. This will often lead to a straighter appearing nose, and can be combined with a rhinoplasty for best results.

Nasal Trauma

Nasal trauma can lead to changes in the nose that influence your overall facial appearance and nasal breathing. Nasal trauma typically affects the nasal bones and nasal septum, leading to visible asymmetries. Dr. Snider provides an individual plan of care to restore your nose back to its original shape, improve its overall appearance, and enhance nasal breathing.



Chin Augmentation or Reduction

The chin may be large or small in comparison to other facial proportions. A mentoplasty or genioplasty can be performed to either enhance or reduce the chin point. Often, the chin position can have an impact on the perceived nose position. A genioplasty at the time of rhinoplasty may be performed to rebalance the face and provide a more harmonious appearance overall. Jaw (orthognathic) surgery can also be performed to realign your teeth and occlusion at the same time as repositioning the chin.

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