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The eyelids and eyebrows are made up of skin, conjunctiva, muscle, fat, and fibrous tissues. All of these components require balance in order to protect and lubricate our eyes. In addition, personality, emotion, and stress show through in our eyes. Dr. Snider performs all types of procedures that revitalize your eyes include upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fat pad redraping, eyebrow lifting, and functional eyelid surgery for ptosis, cancer, or trauma.













Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

The aging upper and lower eyelid can make you appear overly tired, contribute to dry eyes, or interfere with your peripheral vision. It is important to have an experienced surgeon treat your eyelids, as each component will need to be addressed for ideal balance and the most natural result. Dr. Snider will create a custom plan for the restoration of your eyelids to recapture your more vibrant and youthful appearance. She also offers beautiful results for the Asian eyelid.



Functional Eyelid Surgery

Functional eyelid surgery involves procedures that improve abnormal function of the eyelid, such as ptosis causing vision loss, and reconstruct deformities as a result of cancer or trauma. It requires special understanding of the anatomy of the eyelid and the surrounding structures to obtain effective and lasting results. Dr. Snider brings her expertise in craniofacial surgery and meticulous technique to restore your eyelid tissues for improved eye health and appearance.

Tear Trough Deformity

Dark shadows below the eyes are often a result of a deepened tear trough (indentation below the eye). Nearly everyone has a tear trough, but some develop more prominent ones with age. Dr. Snider uses specific nonsurgical and surgical techniques to soften the tear trough to bring you a refreshed appearance that matches how you feel.



Eyebrow Lift

A furrowed, low set, heavy brow can make you appear tired, stressed, or even angry. As the eyebrow descends with age, it can cause your eyes to appear smaller and closed, and have an impact on the heaviness of your eyelids. Often, an eyebrow lift can be performed with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty for best results. Dr. Snider will discuss all your possibilities to restore and reposition your eyebrows, so that your eyes appear naturally brighter and can once again reflect your positive and happy self.

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