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Am I a Candidate for an Augmentation-Mastopexy?

When most of us think of cosmetic breast enhancement, we tend to think of breast augmentation with implants or, more recently, natural fat grafts. But breast lift procedures (or mastopexy) are also popular, and often, the two are performed together.

Chelsea Snider, MD, and our team at Vida Bela Plastic Surgery offer both breast augmentation and mastopexy using the most advanced surgical techniques, creating custom results to help every patient feel more confident. If you’ve been considering breast enhancement with augmentation-mastopexy, here’s how to tell if you’re a good “fit.”

A little background on breast enhancement

More than 200,000 cosmetic breast procedures were performed last year in the United States, including both breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries. While both techniques can dramatically enhance the way your breasts look, each procedure addresses specific needs and concerns. 

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation uses implants or fat grafts to supplement your natural breast tissue. Thanks to a variety of sizes and advanced surgical techniques, today’s implants provide women with the fullness they want without looking artificial or stiff.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery repositions your breasts higher on your chest, restoring a more youthful profile. Also called breast suspension, breast lift surgery is a good choice for women whose breasts have begun to droop as a result of age, weight changes, or pregnancy. 

Best candidates for combined approach

Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can be great choices for women with either decreased breast volume or sagging breasts. But what if you have both? That’s when augmentation-mastopexy can help.

Like the name implies, augmentation-mastopexy combines the benefits of both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. It can be an especially good choice for women who want increased volume in the upper part of their breasts, called the “upper pole” area. 

When we’re young, the upper breast area is naturally full. But as we get older, we begin to lose some of that volume. Augmentation-mastopexy restores that upper volume at the same time the breast is lifted, restoring both the youthful elevation of the breasts, as well as the fuller contours.

For significant sagging, a breast implant also helps by redraping loose skin in the area. Many women who’ve gained and lost weight, breastfed, or had multiple pregnancies find their breast skin has stretched. By adding volume, breast implants “redrape” your skin, so it’s smoother and firmer.

Finally, an augmentation-mastopexy can be a good option for women whose nipples and areolas have drooped to the lower area of the breast. Both the lift and the implant work together to elevate nipples and restore them to their original positions. (Bonus: Using a combined approach means you can increase your breast size, too, if you want.)

Learn more about augmentation-mastopexy

Augmentation-mastopexy can dramatically change the contours and elevation of your breasts, restoring your more youthful profile — and your confidence, too. If you’d like to find out if an augmentation-mastopexy can help you achieve your goals, call our Plano, Texas, office or book an appointment online, so Dr. Snider can discuss all your options with you.

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