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5 Reasons to Consider Rhinoplasty

Nearly 208,000 “nose jobs” were performed last year in the United States, according to data from the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, making it the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery. That’s not surprising: Located right in the center of your face, your nose has a huge impact on your appearance — and on how confident and attractive you feel.

Of course, rhinoplasty does more than improve your facial aesthetics. It can help with breathing problems, too. At Vida Bela Plastic Surgery, we offer rhinoplasty surgery using the most advanced techniques for patients in and around Plano and Frisco, Texas. Here are five reasons why rhinoplasty might be a good choice for helping you achieve your goals.

1. You want to change the size of your nose

The size of your nose has a direct influence on the way your face looks overall. A nose that’s either too large or too small can make your face look out of balance, detracting from other features, as well. Rhinoplasty can alter the size of your nose, changing the size of a specific feature (like the bridge or the tip) or the entire nose.

2. You want to change the shape of your nose

Noses all perform the same function from one person to another, so it’s pretty amazing that they can come in so many different shapes. As with size, the shape of your nose can influence your entire appearance along with your self-confidence. Rhinoplasty can alter the shape of your nose to create an overall harmony and facial symmetry that enhances your entire appearance.

3. Your want to change the shape of your nostrils

Maybe your nostrils are too wide or too narrow, or maybe one nostril is larger than the other. Maybe you just don’t like their shape, or maybe the way they’re tilted makes them too visible. Rhinoplasty uses subtle techniques to alter nostril size and shape, without hampering your breathing.

4. Your nose has hump, bump, or other defect

Maybe you have a bump or divot on your nose, or the end is hooked or bulbous. Any of these aberrations can make you feel less confident and less attractive. Rhinoplasty features an array of techniques designed specifically to correct these and other issues that make your nose stand out — in a not-so-good way. 

5. You have difficulty breathing

While many rhinoplasty procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons, nose surgery can also help correct breathing problems, like difficulties caused by a deviated septum, for instance. Dr. Snider is skilled in correcting nasal abnormalities, including problems caused by trauma, unusual anatomy, and congenital defects.

Getting a good result

Like any type of cosmetic surgery, getting a good result from your nose surgery requires two things: a skilled, experienced surgeon and realistic expectations. Dr. Chelsea Snider has extensive training and expertise in advanced rhinoplasty techniques aimed at achieving optimal results for each patient. She understands that what looks great on one patient may not be ideal for another. That’s why every treatment plan is unique and customized for the patient’s concerns, goals, and overall facial anatomy. 

People have cosmetic surgery for different reasons. If your reason isn’t listed here, that doesn’t mean rhinoplasty isn’t an option. The best way to learn how nose surgery can help you achieve your goals is to schedule a consultation at our practice. To book your consultation and evaluation, call Vida Bela Plastic Surgery at 469-270-7666 or use our online tool to request an appointment today.

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